School Council

All Victorian State schools are operated by a School Council. School Councils operate under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006. The Caulfield Primary School Council is made of of six Parent/Guardian Members, two staff members and the School Principal. The aim of the School Council is to support the work of the Principal and Staff of the school to ensure all children are given an equal and optimal opportunity to access a quality primary school education.  The Council functions via a series of Sub-committees, each of which is chaired by a member of School Council:

  1. Finance Sub-committee;
  2. Buildings and Grounds Sub-committee;
  3. Policy and Edication Sub-committee and 
  4. School Interaction Sub-committee. 


If you have an interest in joining School Council or a Sub-committee you are encouraged to contact the School Prinicpal.

A great school community is one is which many contribute and participate.


Further information can be found of the Dept of Education and Training Website.