Caulfield Primary School has a highly professional and caring team of teachers.
Our teachers continuously monitor and assess children to develop future learning experiences, maintaining a high level of challenge whilst allowing children to experience success. They understand each student’s abilities, and plan flexible programs to cater for the different needs and learning styles of individual children. A smaller school means the children have personal relationships with all of our teaching staff and they feel a strong sense of connection and belonging. Our teachers recognise that a child’s attitude to school is an important factor in achievement. They work hard to create an environment in which children feel valued, safe and involved.


Caulfield Primary School Staff 2020


Principal: Peter Gray
Assistant Principal: Margaret Gordon
Business Manager: Therese Meiers
Administration: Merryn Samuelson
Classroom Support: Caroline Robertshaw, Jenny Zuzek, Sharon Heaysman, Miki Takebayashi, Hitomi Matsumura,Marissa Rodriguez
Japanese Assistants: Chiaki Hashimoto and Hisako Inoue
Classroom Teachers  
Prep: Jenny Parkes, Asami Onda, Kylie Newman and Kasumi Muramatsu
Year 1/2: Rosemary Watts, Takako Morita, John O'Boyle, Kiko Watanuki, Marianne Aiyelokun and Aya Hughes
Year 3/4: Marta Campbell, Yahiro Yoshino, Lisa Pinter and Miharu Morioka
Year 5/6: Krystal Ryan, Hiroki Kurokawa, Hayley Kain and Miho Okano
Performing Arts: Mari Murray
Visual Arts: Miho Suzuki-Bevan
Physical Education: Marcus Serravite