Years 1 – 6 new enrolments

New students enquiries are welcomed at all year levels however the Department of Education Designated Residential Zone requirement applies.

Changing schools can be a daunting process and we encourage you and your child to visit before commencing at CPS.

If your child is due to start at the beginning of the year, orientation days are held at the end of the previous year. This can ensure that your child is looking forward to returning to the new school and to feel secure and happy over the holidays.

Our Specialist Japanese teachers support new students to catch up with Japanese language instruction. These one-on-one sessions ensure that students joining Caulfield Primary at any year level are not disadvantaged.


Enrolment Form


Please ensure you also provide a copy of a birth certificate or passport, and a Medicare Immunisation Certificate, with each application.

Please also ensure that you provide a copy of the child's visa if the student was born overseas and this is relevant ie the student does not have an Australian passport.