A message from CPS School Council

During the COVID-19 pandemic your School Council has been meeting as usual, albeit, a little frustrating at times as we tried using various on-line platforms. At the two meetings that we have held in the last 8 weeks

the School Council has discussed the gratitude that we have for the staff at CPS, their attitude and the work they have put into changing from the classroom to the online world. On behalf of the School Council, I wish to thank the staff for their amazing efforts, for working with all the CPS children and their families, in what has been an extraordinary time for everyone. We have been so fortunate that whilst there have been challenges and hiccups, the time away from school and the return to school for all children this week, has gone smoothly. As we all adjust to the world we are now in, it is likely that there will few if any school excursions, incursions and community events. We will be forever grateful that Peter Gray and the team at CPS rose to the challenge, for the wellbeing of all our children. As we get to the end of this crazy term, please continue to be kind to yourselves and each other, reach out to the school community if you need assistance.